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       Log on to www.setlottonig.com

       Click on log in and input your login details

       Click on Menu then select Play Now

       Under Draw, select the name of the game you want to play.

       Under  Available Games select Combination

       Under Play Type select Combination-2

       Under  Choose fixed Number Count-  select 1

       Double Tap to select your fixed number which will be in red and tap once to select variables which will be in green

       Under stake amount, input the amount you want to play with and click on Place Bet Now

       A confirmation page will come up, click on confirm to place your bet.


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Recent Winners: Jamnocase - ₦3,600. Elegbede768 - ₦2,400. Elegbede768 - ₦1,200. frank76 - ₦2,400. Elegbede768 - ₦3,600. Elegbede768 - ₦1,200. Elegbede768 - ₦1,200. Elegbede768 - ₦1,200. Elegbede768 - ₦1,200. Blessed-Grace - ₦3,600.