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• PERM-1:
A player places bet in favour of any number from a selected range of numbers he has chosen. E.g. amongst 45,48,80 on the possibility that any of the numbers selected will match the Very First ball of the five winning numbers to be selected in the draw entered for. The odds of perm 1 is N40/N1 staked. Note: If any number from these selected numbers is the first ball in the winning numbers, then the player is a winner.

• PERM-2:
To increase a players chances of winning, a player can place bet in favour of any two numbers from a selected set of numbers. This means the system will generate all possible 2 number combinations from the selected numbers without repetitions. if any 2 or more of the selected numbers are in the winning numbers of the draw, the players has won. e.g. if a player plays perm 2 amongst 45,48,78,80, this will result in (45-48, 45-78, 45-80, 48-78, 48-80, 78-80) 6 ticket plays.
If the numbers 78,45,80,17,90 are the winning numbers, then the players has won with (45-78, 45-80, 78-80). This means 3 of his 6 tickets won. The odds for perm 2 is N280/N1 staked. E.g. for every N1 staked you win N280 only on the Set Lotto Nigeria platform.

Same principles applies to Perm 3, Perm 4 and Perm 5. However please note: in permutation, the numbers in a set selected by a player is expect to be at least 1 greater than the expected permutation.
For example:
Perm 1-- minimum set selection is 2 and max is 25
Perm 2-- minimum set selection is 3 and max is 25
Perm 3-- minimum set selection is 4 and max is 20
Perm 4-- minimum set selection is 5 and max is 15
Perm 5-- minimum set selection is 6 and max is 10

Winning odds for Perm 3, Perm 4 and Perm 5 remains N2,100, N6,000 and N44,000 respectively.

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